3 Signs You Need An Emergency Truck Repair

Truck trouble is not just a small inconvenience when you’re driving; an accident or a breakdown can cost you hundreds (or thousands) in lost business. Knowing when you’re in need of an emergency truck repair can make the difference between losing a few hours and losing several days behind the wheel. Here are three major signs that you need emergency truck repair.

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  • Alternator trouble: A damaged alternator will keep your battery from charging properly. Damage can range from minimal (loss of function in electronics, such as headlights or radio) to severe (trouble turning over the engine). Always make sure that the electronics in your truck are working properly. If you suspect your alternator is failing, then use a voltmeter in the AC setting to measure the voltage across the battery terminals. If the voltage is less than 12 volts, then you may have a failed alternator and should consult an emergency repair shop immediately.

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  • Failed to start: Failed to starts can be caused by a number of things. First, check your batteries for signs of a failed alternator. If your batteries and alternator is intact, then your starter may be to blame. If you can hear the starter spinning, but the engine doesn’t turn, then it is likely that your starter needs to be rebuilt or replaced.
  • Belt and hose damage: The condition of your engine’s hoses and belts is extremely important to preventing overheating. Unfortunately, they are also the most fragile components of your engine! If you notice fluid leakage from any part of your truck or hear the high-pitched squealing of your serpentine belt, then replace the part as soon as possible. These repairs are usually very quick and relatively inexpensive.

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