Chiropractic Care For Neck And Shoulder Pain

Many people suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Of all the different muscle pains that one can get, neck and shoulder pain is one of the most common ones. While there could be a lot of different causes of this type of pain, fear no more as it is also very easy to treat and care for. Neck and shoulders are very central muscle groups as it links your head to the rest of your mid and lower body. This group of muscles also contains many bones, nerves, ligaments and important veins.

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You may be wondering what has caused your neck and shoulder pain. If you have recently sustained an injury, it is most likely the injury or accident that has caused your neck and shoulder pain. A car accident can give you whiplash that would cause a lot of pain to all the different parts of your neck and shoulders. Some of the most common causes of shoulder and neck pain are a broken collarbone, bursitis (which is inflammation of your joints), heart attacks, a broken shoulder blade, a rotator cuff injury, shoulder separation, tendinitis, gallbladder disease and many other problems. There are various other causes of neck and shoulder pain. It is nearly impossible to diagnose the cause yourself. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor to diagnose the cause of your neck and shoulder injury, and he can give you the proper treatment to remove the pain and heal your problems.


There are various symptoms of neck and shoulder pain, and depending on the cause, the symptoms could be very different. Obviously, pain is the largest sign. However, the amount of pain and the type of pain that one feels varies considerably from person to person. Some people will feel a sharp pain, but others may have a sharp pain. This pain can cause other symptoms too, like headaches. Another symptom is a weakness in your neck and shoulder area. When you have neck and shoulder pain, it is important to realize that there is a difference between weakness as in difficulty to move because of muscle strain or bone fracture and inability to move because of very high muscle, bone or nerve damage.

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Pain in center of shoulder blades: If it was the nerves in your neck and shoulder that were affected, you might feel numbness in the area. Nerves are a part of your body that gives you sensation and feeling. Therefore, with nerve damage, you may have a lot of sensation, similar to when your arm or legs “fall asleep”. If it was your veins or arteries that were damaged, you might suffer from coolness or color changes. Swelling is also extremely common with neck and shoulder pain and injuries. Swelling usually occurs when you have a bone fracture, dislocation or muscle strain. It may also bruise and turn into a blue color.

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You should seek medical attention if you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain. If the pain is severe, it is important to go to a hospital to get it treated. For milder cases, you should see your family doctor. In very mild cases, if it is simply a bruise or a slight injury, you could be able to treat it at home.

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